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To keep the channel going, I need to put money and time into it. I work about 40-60 hours a week on the channel, and spend quite a bit of money on materials like leaders, fly tying materials, and more. Unfortunately most of the fly fishing world has policies to not work with youtubers, and therefor I pay full price for all materials and gear just like you do. I have no sponsors, and refuse to work with sponsors, so that way I am able to use the best materials for a fly, and give the most honest opinion about gear. Rather than a sponsor telling me what materials/gear to use. I also spend my own money on camera equipment, SD cards, and other storage. Your donation helps keep the channel alive, and going. I appreciate it, and cannot thank you enough.

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Other Video Tutorials

Learn the proper way to tie fishing knots
Learn to tie saltwater flies like streamers, crabs, and shrimp
Learn to tie freshwater flies like streamers, nymphs, and dry flies
These techniques will help you tie flies faster and more easily.